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Plan Your Visit to Hope Park Farm Holiday Cottages

We know that many people like to know something about their holiday destination and plan their visit to a greater or lesser degree before they leave home so we have put together some information on the following pages that we hope will help you do this.


If you haven't already decided to come and stay with us at Hope Park Farm, maybe this information will tempt you to make a booking.


There is a wealth of information in both Heron and Curlew Cottages and we have a good selection of maps and books about the area which you are welcome to borrow while you are here.


Things to Do - as well as eating out, lots of ideas for those who like to get active outdoors.


Places to Visit - no shortage of castles, gardens, museums, farm attractions, towns and villages.


Days Out - some ideas of our own on how to combine some of the above to make the best of a day out.